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What is Immigration Amnesty?

Seek legal advice on amnesties in your immigration case

Immigration laws are often not a topic that one can easily comprehend. A handful of rules and administrative issues come in between and legally immigrating to the United States can seem impossible to some people. As one would know, conferring this includes deep knowledge and experience, especially when discussion leads to ‘amnesty’.

Amnesties under immigration law are generally complex. Thus, hiring a St. Charles amnesty attorney to assist is an advantage. With lengthy waiting periods and tons of paperwork to get through, it is easy to lose hope. 

Nevertheless, when you have the guidance and knowledge of a Missouri immigration lawyer at Gateway Immigration Law Firm, the process can become significantly easier, and everything can change. Contact us now for a no-obligation evaluation of your case!


Amnesty Immigration Attorney in Missouri  

Applying for immigration amnesty is a complex process because the legislation surrounding amnesty changes so often. Hiring an amnesties attorney in Missouri would be beneficial for you.

Even if you can complete all the forms yourself, consultation with an immigration lawyer can help you understand the process, determine the best way to proceed, and help you succeed in your request for amnesty.


What Sets the Best St. Charles Amnesty Attorney Apart?

Here are some qualities to look out for when choosing an amnesty attorney in St. Charles, Missouri:

  • Dedication – There are plenty of immigration lawyers across Missouri, but opt for someone highly dedicated to helping immigrants with amnesty and other legal concerns.
  • Experience – Backed by 15 years of experience, our St. Charles amnesties attorneys can assess your eligibility and determine the best path to make your immigration dream a reality. 
  • Offers a comprehensive range of services – ‘To each their own’ also applies to legal services by our trusted Missouri immigration lawyer. That is why we provide highly-personalized legal assistance to each of our clients.

At Gateway Immigration Law, our attorneys have the best combination of dedication, 15 years of experience, and wide-ranging services suitable for a winning feat. No case is too challenging for our Missouri immigration lawyers. If you need assistance, you may schedule an appointment now.


What is Amnesty?

Amnesty is a pardon extended to those who have committed an offense. An individual or group of persons who broke immigration laws may receive a pardon from the government under immigration law. 

Immigration amnesty would include the government forgiving individuals for using forged/false documentation to gain employment in the US and to remain in the country. It would allow illegal immigrants or undocumented immigrant aliens to acquire permanent residency in the United States.


What is Administrative Amnesty?

There are various amnesty laws that the United States Immigration Department maintains, which offer protection to political refugees and asylees. Administrative amnesty, in comparison, includes specific executive policies that grant protections to individuals who entered initially into the country illegally.


Is Amnesty a Permanent Program?

To put it simply, NO. Amnesty programs are temporary. Around four (4) million illegal aliens received a blanket amnesty from former President Ronald Reagan in the 1980s. Congress has occasionally approved legislation since 1986 that grants certain groups of people an immigration amnesty. 

More than 7,400 Syrian citizens living in the US have had their temporary amnesty status extended, and 343,000 Venezuelan citizens may soon receive the same treatment from President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security (DHS). For 18 months, they will be granted Temporary Protected Status (TPS).

A bill granting amnesty via the ‘Redemption Program’ and ‘Dignity Program’ is currently before Congress. The ‘Redemption Program’ will create an opportunity for illegal aliens to obtain permanent residence. The ‘Dignity Program’ stipulates a 10-year term during which illegal aliens who are not covered by other laws will be granted work permits and deportation protection, provided they do not perform crimes and contribute $1,000 every year to an ‘American Worker Fund.’

These needs could alter or develop as time passes and world politics change. For instance, US immigration authorities might grant more amnesty decrees to people from particular nations. If circumstances have altered, they may restrict amnesty decisions for similar countries in the coming year.

Missouri amnesty lawyers assist individuals and families in starting their immigration journey successfully.


How Do I Apply For Amnesty?

To apply for amnesty, an individual must file with the appropriate United States immigration agency, for example, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Depending upon an individual’s situation, they may be required to submit several forms, including Form I-698, Application to Adjust Status from Temporary to Permanent Resident. The requirements will depend upon each applicant’s situation.


What are Some Points to Consider When Applying for Amnesty?

When applying for amnesty, it is essential to consider what the effects of the application may be. For instance, an amnesty application may include an investigation into a person’s background and residence history.

This investigation will disclose information regarding them and their loved ones, which may affect their immigration status. For example, an amnesty application might subject an individual or someone they know to a removal investigation.

Therefore, it is best to consult with a St. Charles amnesty lawyer to determine whether amnesty is appropriate for their situation. 


When is Amnesty Granted?

Amnesty laws must be applied on a case-by-case basis for each petitioner and are not automatically granted upon request.

An individual can be granted amnesty if:

  • The alien will be persecuted. Amnesty is granted if the aliens face immediate, actual persecution if they return to their own country. If the alien returns to their original location, they must face impending danger or death. Usually, it must be political or religious persecution; or
  • A precise US period of residency is completed. At times, the US has extended amnesty to aliens who have been residing in the country illegally for lengthy periods (as much as 10 or sometimes 20 years). 

The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 (IRCA) granted amnesty to aliens who had been in the United States since January 1, 1982, as well as seasonal agricultural workers who had been in the country for at least 90 days before May 1986. About 3 million individuals applied for amnesty under this program, and around 2.7 million individuals were granted permanent residence.

IRCA required that the alien provide proof of Selective Service registration and that they meet minimum knowledge criteria in US history, government, and the English language. Applicants who were granted legal status or were declared temporary lawful residents were barred from obtaining any sort of public social aid for five years. (except for Cuban or Haitian immigrants).

These conditions are also required:

  • No history of criminal charges: The person must have no criminal record. Multiple misdemeanors or citations can sometimes be just as serious as felony charges; and
  • The alien will not become a ‘civil charge.’ This means that the individual will not be a burden on governmental resources like welfare or other support programs. Aliens with in-demand and employable skills have a better chance of winning amnesty.


Can Amnesty Privileges Be Lost?

To answer quickly, YES. An individual can still be subject to removal or deportation even after amnesty has been granted. For example, if one executes crimes after amnesty is given, they may be deported from the country. In addition, recurring offenses for less serious crimes can carry the same consequences as a felony charge.


Call our St. Charles Amnesty Immigration Attorney Now!

Amnesty applications often involve large volumes of paperwork and may involve various steps. Hiring an immigration lawyer in Missouri will be helpful for you. 

It is important to note that immigration amnesty laws are typically specific and may only apply to a particular portion of the overall population. Your lawyer can advise you regarding the current amnesty laws and whether you may qualify.

Amnesty laws are often subject to change as global and political conditions evolve. At Gateway Immigration Law, we can inform you of your best options. We will provide you with guidance and advice for completing your application. We can also represent you if you need to attend an interview or hearing.

Our St. Charles amnesty attorneys are ready to help you apply for a green card, become a US citizen, and more. Backed with years of experience, our Missouri attorneys will offer you the best path to make your immigration dream a reality. Schedule a consultation with us now!

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