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Victims of Crime

Victims of Crime Attorneys in St. Charles, MO

Nobody wants to be a victim of any criminal behavior, particularly domestic abuse, and human trafficking. Illegal behaviors, however, are not entirely preventable. If you have been the victim of a crime, you must immediately seek the assistance of an attorney who can guide you through the legal procedure. Our victims of crime attorneys in St. Charles, Missouri, can assist victims of crime in obtaining the protection they need.

Certain victims of crime may be eligible for immigration relief. Immigrants who become victims of specified or similar crimes may be eligible for special visas, depending on their present immigration status and other considerations.

At Gateway Immigration Law Firm, we have represented individuals and families with a wide range of immigration concerns. Our experienced immigration Missouri lawyers will investigate your case thoroughly and offer you the legal assistance you require.

Who is a Victim of Crime?

A victim is someone who has been harmed physically or emotionally, has had property damaged, or has lost money as a result of a crime. Victims who are in the U.S., or who are American citizens or permanent residents, have these rights.

If a victim is deceased or unable to act on his or her own behalf, the following parties can exercise the victim’s rights:

  • A victim’s spouse
  • A common-law partner who has lived with the victim for at least one year prior to the victim’s death
  • A relative or dependent of the victim
  • Anyone who has custody of the victim or of the victim’s dependent

A person who has been accused, convicted, or found not legally accountable for the crime that resulted in victimization due to a mental condition is not considered a victim. For example, if a parent has been charged with child abuse, that parent will not be able to exercise the rights of the child victim or their own parental rights.


What Are the Rights of a Victim in Missouri?

The Missouri State Constitution, Article 1, Section 32, ensures that crime victims have the right to:

  • Be present at all criminal justice proceedings at which the defendant has such right
  • Be informed and heard at guilty pleas, bail hearings, sentencing, probation revocation hearings, and parole hearings
  • Be informed of trials and preliminary hearings
  • Restitution
  • The speedy disposition and appellate review of cases
  • Reasonable protection from the defendant or any person acting on behalf of the defendant
  • Information concerning the release, escape, recapture or death of the accused while in custody or confinement
  • Information about how the criminal justice system works, the rights and availability of services and information about the crime

How Can I Apply for Compensation?

Being a foreign national in a different country can be a very challenging experience. It is especially true for illegal immigrants, who frequently feel threatened and harassed due to their legal status in the United States. As such, it is critical to be informed of the immigration policies of the United States, which grant certain benefits to foreign-born individuals who have been victims of violence or certain types of criminal activity.

During the criminal justice system, juries and judges determine whether or not a defendant is guilty or not. The criminal court is in charge of deciding the punishment imposed on an offender. Prosecutors are generally in charge of criminal cases heard in criminal courts. On the other hand, victims of crime can file a lawsuit in civil court through the civil justice system.

A civil court might compel the perpetrator to compensate the victim for medical bills, lost wages, pain, suffering, psychological injuries, and other non-economic damages when a crime is committed. If a victim of a violent crime can prove that the perpetrator was negligent, the victim may initiate a lawsuit against the company or institution responsible. Additionally, civil courts may award punitive penalties to dissuade other potential defendants from bringing similar claims.

What Are the Immigration Policies for Victims of Crime?

It is common for immigrants to be apprehensive about revealing they have been victims of a crime. Most of the time, this is due to their fear of being subjected to removal proceedings and deportation if they report the crime to the authorities. Many people are unaware that victims of domestic violence,  human trafficking, and certain crimes, are all entitled to special safeguards under the law.

Legal and illegal immigrants who are victims of crime are afforded several protections under United States law, which the Department of Homeland Security administers. For example, a U Visa or a T Visa can allow a person to remain and work in the United States. It will enable you to stay with your family and continue living the life that you desire and deserve in your current situation. It may even serve as a stepping stone to obtaining permanent residency and, eventually, citizenship in the United States of America.

It is strongly suggested that you contact competent victims of crime attorneys from Gateway Immigration Law Firm to learn more about U and T visas. U and T visa holders who are victims of crime can apply for Advance Parole to go abroad for urgent humanitarian reasons, according to US immigration statutes. We can assist you with your U and T visa petition, advance parole application, or any other issues relating to US visas and acquiring a permanent residence card.

Fight Back Against Abuse & Ensure Your Rights Are Protected

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) processes hundreds of thousands of immigration applications each year. Humanitarian parole, asylum in the United States, T or U visas, and temporary protected status for non-citizens of the United States are available options.

A knowledgeable immigration and victims of crime attorney in Missouri can assist you in completing necessary USCIS paperwork. Aspiring permanent residents with a pending US green card application, as well as those who do not have valid immigrant visas and intend to file for advance parole, can benefit from their services as well.

Victim Representation in Missouri

Victims’ rights are mentioned in the Missouri Constitution, and the state has enacted legislation outlining what victims are entitled to know, when they may speak with a court, how they can be represented, and what role they can have in a case. While some counties have victim’s advocate offices, this is not the case everywhere.

Victims of crime frequently have the all-too-real perception that no one is especially looking out for their best interests. The prosecution is truly representing the public or the state, and the officials in charge of the inquiry may not have the same intentions as the victim. Frustration with the investigation and trial may lead victims to seek legal representation as the case progresses.

The Gateway Immigration Law Firm is increasingly assisting crime victims by defending them during the trial and investigation. Their attorneys for victims of crime had assisted numerous victims in staying informed about the case and exercising their legal rights in court.

Contact the Gateway Immigration Law Firm if you have been a victim of a crime and need assistance exercising your legal rights under Missouri law. We can assist you in making sure that your voice is heard and that you have someone on your side who understands your concerns.

Victims of Crime in Missouri Can Get Immigration Help

Regardless of their country or place of origin, the legal rights of victims have been constitutionally safeguarded by the court. These rights include the ability to get community-based services necessary to save their lives and ensure their safety, access to police help, access to emergency medical care, and the ability to prosecute those who commit crimes against them.

Occasionally, immigration policy is linked with other areas of law, such as criminal law practice, which can be problematic. It is possible that an experienced immigration attorney in Missouri can explain this in further depth and assist you with the necessary papers. To ensure that you receive the best possible outcome, our legal team at Gateway Immigration Law Firm will collaborate closely with you. Take immediate action in your situation. Take advantage of our no-obligation consultation with one of our reputable victims of crime attorneys today.

Let our immigration attorneys help you!

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