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The role of a diversity visa lawyer in the immigration process should not be underestimated. Because immigration laws are among the most perplexing and complicated in the United States, many people face legal difficulties because consulting with an experienced diversity visa attorney is not their first step. If you are from a country that has one of the minimal numbers of immigrants sent to the US, then applying for the diversity visa lottery is a must.

Gateway Immigration Law Firm is more than willing to answer all your queries about immigration law. With our substantial experience in handling cases of immigration, no case is too difficult for us. Our knowledgeable and competent legal team will ensure that you will be guided in achieving your immigration goals. If you need immigration assistance, ask our immigration attorneys now!

Why do I need a Diversity Visa Lawyer in Missouri?

st charles diversity visa lawyerWhile there is no section in immigration laws that requires an immigrant to have a lawyer, it is nevertheless encouraged. An average individual may not completely comprehend the immigration rules, particularly the diversity visa. To get the best immigration lawyer, take note of the following good characteristics:

  • Personalized immigration assistance – Every immigration matter and issue is unique; thus, it also requires a highly personalized legal service. Hire an immigration lawyer who is willing to dig deeper into the background of your case to provide tailored wise legal options. 
  • Extensive Experience – Extensive experience does not only entail a certain number of years but also a certain kind of experience. Take your time evaluating the immigration law firm that you are considering hiring and assess their legal team’s profile to ensure that it has the experience you require.
  • Handles comprehensive range of service – Obtaining a diversity visa in Missouri may appear simple, but it is not. You may believe that your immigration lawyer will only deal with one process, but in most cases, they must also deal with other issues. As a result, you need a lawyer who offers a broad range of immigration services.

Gateway Immigration Law Firm will help you achieve your immigration goals. In our extensive years of experience handling complicated immigration issues for individuals and families, we have the qualifications that you need. You are assured that we have what it takes to touch on every issue underlying your situation. If you need assistance, you may schedule an appointment now.

What is Diversity Visa?

The Diversity Visa Lottery was enacted by US immigration law to allow immigrants into its vicinity from countries from which the US historically gets a low number of immigrants. Every year, around 50,000 immigrant visas are made for DV lottery applications, enabling qualified individuals to immigrate to the US and get lawful permanent residence. Children and spouses are also allowed to accompany DV lottery immigrants.

Due to the large number of lottery applications received each year, the US Department of State used a random computerized selection process to select about 50,000 winners. Those who won the lottery should then demonstrate their eligibility by applying for an immigrant visa at the US embassy in their home country or applying for an adjustment of status if they have already arrived in the US. 

Be Cautious of Notarios

In the US, people seeking immigration assistance are sometimes misled by people commonly known as notarios, making individuals and families believe that they can solve their immigration concerns. However, these “notarios” prey on those who are desperate to make a living. They are not knowledgeable enough to give prudent legal advice, and their acts may result in permanent problems with your immigration progress. It is always best to avoid notarios and instead contact a licensed and experienced Missouri immigration attorney. 

Requirements For The Diversity Visa Lottery

  • You could be charged with being one of the states designated for eligibility in the diversity visa lottery program.
  • You have completed the equivalent of a secondary education in the United States or have worked for at least two companies in the last five years in a job requiring two years of training.

Overview Of The Application Process 

Obtaining green card through lottery is a three-step procedure:

  1. You register for the diversity lottery, which means filling out an application form that places your name above any other applicants. If you won, you may find out online within an estimated 6–8 months.
  2. As soon as the winner is declared, they can have their visas available based on the rank number of the registration. You may immediately proceed to applying for a green card, together with your immediate relatives, if any.
  3. Unless you are qualified to apply for permanent resident status from within the US, you are required to enter the US with your immigrant visa, which, at the time you become a permanent resident.

If your application for lawful permanent resident status cannot be approved after the lottery year, your application will be invalidated, and you will lose your opportunity to obtain a US green card. It may be within your control or not, but it happens to thousands of people every year.

Call our St. Charles Diversity Visa Lawyer Now!

The entire process of immigration that you have to go through for the diversity visa lottery is complicated and has hectic processing times. The compliance of immigration papers, the green card application process, and attaining permanent resident status are not the type of processes that you should undermine. It is clear that in these situations, you definitely need to talk to an experienced diversity visa lawyer.

Gateway Immigration Law Firm has all the qualifications that you need to help you with complicated immigration matters. With more than 15 years of experience helping Missouri residents, our immigration law firm has earned a solid reputation in the state.

We provide highly qualified immigration assistance to specifically meet your needs. Aside from assisting you with the diversity visa lottery, our legal team also handles E-1 visas, Green Cards through marriage, H2-B visas, L1 visas, O-1 visas, temporary protected status, and a variety of other issues. If you need assistance, schedule an initial consultation today!

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